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What might this be?!


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Hello everybody, thanks for stopping by and checking this thread out. I have an issue that i have not encounter before, so i decided to post some pictures in the hopes that someone can tell me what his problem might be.

Grow Info:
Lights- LED
Nutrients- BioGrow,BioBloom,BioHeaven,Topmax all from BioBizz and they're organic
Soil- Organic topsoil
Temp & Hum- 75F-88F ; hum 60%
PH- water and feed with 6.4ph / runoff is around 6.6-6.8
Strain: Silver Surfer Haze and Purple Haze/ Mainly sativas

This last week 1/2 i have been watering almost every day, with around 7 to 10oz of water, since the weather has been very hot. The problem started about 4 weeks ago, nothing major at the time, but now it's starting to move up the fan leafs in both of my plants.

I hope that someone out there might be able to help me out with this one.


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