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WHat noW

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Sooooo were blazed off my ASSSSSSS so now what do i do???? it's my first time smoking pot and i got an ounce and smoked half of it with me and my other friend tim. we are in 6th grade and we now love pot but what do we do now that were stoned?d
holy shit. 6th grade? what do you mean "what now?" shit go find sumthing 2 do! anything is interesting when u're high. just wondering but why did u guys start anyways?
while you guys concentrate on his grade(/age), I'm gonna comment on something else.

McPot, this is your first time smoking weed? Then how do you know you love it? I ask that especially because you don't even know what to do now that you're high.

My suggestion to you is to stop smoking pot. You obviously have no idea what you're doing, and are trying to dive into it faster than you can handle. Join some intramural sports at your middle school, enjoy puberty, and grow up a little before you hurt yourself.

As far as being on this board is concerned, stay off. No school allows 18 year olds in 6th grade. If you're too stupid to lie, you're too stupid to be here.
I know some kid whos like 11 and has been smokin since he was 8. thats some crazy ass shit
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I just wanted to apologize for this thread, it's a lie and a very stupid one at that. my only justification is i was really blazed. but what i said was just stupid...