What Range Should I Maintain For My Growroom Humidity & Temperature?


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Steeders... PeeJay and Sweet Sue both grow all organic.... I grow organic but I also grow with Fox Farms so my journal would most likely piss you off too cause I have both organic and nute girls going but PJ and Sue both grow all organic and only use guano and the sorts....:circle-of-love:
The only difference I've found between strains is the sativa tends to handle an unusually hot grow room much better. They're usually taller and closer to the lights than the indica but you can always train them down. Sativa leaves are much skinnier and don't soak up quite the amount of light that the wide bladed indica's seem to catch.
They also have these plastic containers that when opened up collect moisture. They use them in houses with a lot of dampness. Just one cost like $2.00. You wouldn't believe how good they work. When full of water. Throw away.
Hey guys been doing a lot of reading and would like some advice about my Temps and RH? I have 4 Indica plants in soil indoors and with the lights on, 600w HPS, I am at 80f and 45-50 RH. I keep the RH the same with lights out and temps down to 70F. Are these optimal ranges?
Hi, I plan on having one growroom for plants in all stages and keep them cycling constantly to have new inventory monthly is possible. I am starting with AK48 and I am not sure if it will be possible to maintain a specific humidity level throughout the room so that i dont have to create another room with a different humidity level?



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Your problem is not going to be with control of the humidity but with having 2 separate light schedules for veg and bloom in the same room without using tents IMO.... If you put two tents in a room you can control each one with a humidifier or dehumidifier... There are some short term economic solutions too but with the tents you can control light schedule and humidity....:circle-of-love:


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What an awesome idea! Living in Southern California myself I have been thinking of what to do when we get those rare Santa Ana's blowing through with super hot and dry air. I feel this will be a potential quick, temporary, and very easy technique.
If you are wary of cutting holes, you could buy a replacement door (just the door panel) and replace the normal door with the new one. That way you can gasket the door if you want, cut holes if you want, whatever. Then when you need the damage to go away, you put the original door back (9-12 simple screws). As long as your landlord doesn't snoop, no prob.
If ur landlord is snoopy u got bigger problems
Thank you all!Where I live (northern MI.)heat & humidity are real factors.We have 2 grow locations,1 outside,1 in damp wet basement.So far,not much luck.Outside plants got frost & withered without much hope.Learning to grow=tough stuff,Thanks again!
I live in Pa. I use my basement 4 veg and flower then dry upstairs to get them away from the high humidity from damp basements