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What REAL Americans think about the US Drug War

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62% of Americans support changing current laws so that fewer nonviolent offenders are sent to prison.

That's right, the USA want criminals roaming the streets! 80% want more community service for those who break the law and 76% believe that offenders would do better being on the outside making restitution to their victims than by being locked away. 74% percent prefer treatment (up to $13,000 cost per person per year) and probation for nonviolent drug users instead of being shipped to prison (average cost of $25,000 cost per person per year)!

AMERICANS ARE SOFT ON CRIME! They are a bunch of bleeding hearts! And they are dopers themselves! 94,000,000 Americans have used illegal drugs at least once in their lives.
Passage taken from Michael Moore's latest book Dude, Where's My Country

Michael Moore makes some sense, it would be $12,000 cheaper to treat drug users than to lock them up in prison.

What do you guys think?
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he's a little extreme, but good ideas, personally, i dont like it when people are too extreme in anything