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What Security Tactics are good for Outdoor Plots?

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I can not stress this enough and I'm sure I have tons of back on this statement. DO NOT USE HARMFUL/LETHAL DEVICES TO SECURE YOUR PLOT!! You know how the cops look at that? "These marijuana growers use bear traps, sawed off shotguns with tripwires, etc to protect their crop" That looks really bad on the cannabis community. Don't do it. There's a thing called camouflage. Use the native brush to your ability. I am aware that cannabis doesn't blend in with 90% of forests. Sh*t happens. I've heard of people use infrared systems that take pictures and/or start recording video when an object of particular size/temperature enters the vicinity. It won't help too much theft-wise but you can see if there's cops scoping your plot so you know just to lay low and forget about it, its gone. Some people use alarms connected to tripwires. These cause great amounts of attention but if you set them low enough to scare the person, they'll run. But please follow the Golden Outdoor Rule. Be creative and be safe.


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is this the thread you spoke of?

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If you do get caught, and man traps are present, you can be charged with a Federal Felony for setting the mantrap.


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I reccomend DYE pits. Dig a 1 foot deep hole, line it with black plastic, fill it with a mixture of water absorbing gel and commercial red dye. You will know who has been sneaking around your patch ;-)

You can also make dye sprayers with co2 cartridges. Kinda like claymores, only not leathal :)


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Ill give ya creative..An empty above ground pool with 4-5ft walls right in the backyard,I call it the hiding in plain sight method!LOL,It also keeps out any animals lookin for a tasty snack. It helps if the pool is over grown with sum with other vegatation,that help with cammo and the stankness. ;-)

...Legalize don't Demonize! :yummy:


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NICE! lol


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Wonder if there is a market for DYE mines. Packets of permenant dye, placed over the end of a cO2 cartridge with a sping, a firing pin, and a wire to trigger it :) Or even a very large one that could be placed in a tree that would explode dye over the entire area underneath it :)

You would be walking through the grocery store and see some dude push his cart around with bright orange dye all over his ass. You would know not to go check your plants :)
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thats actually pretty smart

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Having a dye mine go off will not help anyone. Your plants would still be found and the chance for further charges added - you lose. The one who finds the plants also loses, but their loss is just more colorful. If the cops find your plants, I think the best thing is to not look back because, after all, you don't know a think about those plants!


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In the past i have rivetted staggered razor blades to lengths of bansaw blades and gently zip tied to the stem of the plant... many times i have come home expecting to find fingers in the back yard..lol... after reading this thread im thinking it wasnt such a great idea... charged with cultivation is 1 thing... sued for cutting off the fingers of the c#$t trying to rip me off........ priceless.... lmao...


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best idea put out lots of smaler plots expect 2 loose some but they wnt find them all nd the filth wnt wast there time camraing small grows gud luc grow nd prosper

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How to make a alarm for your outdoor grow op.

You will need a little nit of electronics know how to make this but with practice it is really easy to do.

List of Materials needed.

* Two pre-paid cell phones.(more if you are protecting more than one lot)
* A solar panel rated for your cell phones battery voltage. (radio shack)
* Some small clear speaker wire. (dollar store)
* Some spring and wood type clothes pins.
* Some 20lb. Clear fishing wire.
* Some sort of weather proof box painted camo. (I use a outdoor telephone box like the phone company puts on the side of your house)
* Some brass thumb tacks.
* A soldering iron or gun.
* A volt meter
* Several hot glue sticks
* A piece of leather about 1" by 2" square.
* Camo color spray paint.
* some 60/40 electronic grade solder (thin stuff) (Radio Shack)

How to make this wireless alarm

You can purchase pre-paid cell phones that do not have a name attached to them. It is very important the phones you buy for this are paid for with cash and no name or a false name is given. No paper trail is the key here!

Step 1
One telephone will be used for the alarm transmitter, the other will be used as the monitor. You want to disable the GPS function on the telephones so they cannot be tracked. This is done by shorting out the GPS antenna in the phone with solder. The GPS antenna looks like a small circle with a pin sticking up out of the center. A drop of solder is place in this to electrically short out the antenna and render it useless. (do this on both phones)

Step 2

Take the phone that you will be using for the alarm transmitter apart. Looking at the keypad, find the button that is used to "send" the call. Carefully solder a piece of speaker wire to each side of the switch pad located directly under the "send" button. I usually use an exacto knife and cut the send button right out of the phone and solder to the 2 sides of the switch pad, I then run my wires through the hole that is made from cutting the send button out.
This will be your trip wire. (more on that later)

Step 3

Take the charger that came with your phone and cut the power cube off of the end of the wire. Solder the solar panel to the plug portion that plugs into the phone making sure to observe proper polarity. (Check that + goes to + and - goes to - with the voltmeter.

Step 4

Using hot melt glue, fasten the solar panel to the weather proof box's exterior and fasten the phone to the interior so it dont shake around.

Step 5

Take a spring and wood type clothes pin and place 2 thumbtacks into the end that clamps shut to make a switch. Solder a long length of clear speaker wire to each of these thumbtacks. The other end of the speaker wire goes to the "Send" button wires you previously made. When the clothes pin is closed and making contact between the thumbtacks, it will make the phone's "send" button close and the phone will send the call.

Step 6

Using 20 lb. clear fishing line, tie the clothes pin switch to a tree. this tree is the same tree that you will have the weather proof box containing the phone and solar panel in.

Step 7

Tie a longer length of clear 20lb fishing line to a tree or bush that is located across the trail you are trying to protect. at the end of the fishing line nearest the clothes pin, tie on the piece of leather. Clip the leather between the thumbtacks keeping them in the open position.

Step 8

Dial on the telephone that is on the trail the number of the phone that you are using to monitor the alarm with. Leave this phone number on the display and leave the phone flipped open if it is a flip phone. (in the phone options you can set backlighting to the off position to save on battery power)

Trip your trip line and wait... Within a few seconds your phone that you are using to monitor the alarm will ring. Answer the call, and you can then listen to what is going on around your grow plot.

If everything is working well, press end call on the transmitter phone and re enter your monitor phone number again after re setting your trip line switch. You are now ready to monitor your grow plot anywhere you have cell service.

Make sure your weather proof box is well camouflaged and in direct sunlight so the battery stays fully charged. Make sure everything is wiped clean of finger prints before you leave!
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