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What should i name my new bong?


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i just got this beauty and need a clever, unique name! help a girl out?! :)
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I don't have any cleaver or unique names...

Bonnie came to mind..
But, toke though her/him/it..
The name will come to you in a head rush..

I think...lol

Far Canal

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G'day LadyK,
I'm just glad it didn't drive(lol). It's a good looker. Give me a couple of years and i will come up with something.:goodluck:


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Nice piece! How about 'Blue Trance' for her colors and hopeful effects?

Best of luck...get to know her well and I'm sure a name will come :bong:


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the green and blue remind me of the earth...maybe Mother blazer, instead of mother nature...?

A funny name would be "my nutz", I could just see people reaction to you asking, you wanna hit "my nutz" lmao!!!!


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Its got a real pretty blue color which for some odd reason i thought of a bug zapper,so how about calling it "THE BUD ZAPPER".:)


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Absolem, Like the Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland.:Hookah:
(They didn't give him that name till the new movie, but whatever right?)
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