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What size exhaust fan for drying tent?


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I have a 32x32 tent that has a 6" ac infinity fan with filter that I grow in. The 6" fan on the lowest level pulls in the sides of the tent.

I have a perpetual grow in that tent so I do not want to dry in that tent. I am planning to use a 2x2x4 tent next to that tent to dry 2 plants in. I do not plan to put a filter on the 2x2 tent and I want to run a short duct from the 2x2 drying tent to the 32x32 tent and let the fan and filter in that tent do the odor control on it.

I was not going to put an exhaust fan in the drying tent at first and only have 1 or 2 small fans for air flow in the tent as I thought the big fan in the 32x32 tent would be enough to pull the air through the 2x2 to it but I definitely do not want any odor outside the drying tent. Do you think I need an exhaust fan in the 2x2 tent pushing the air out of the 2x2 tent into the 32x32 tent? Do you think a 100cfm fan would work? I am looking at this fan for it.

VIVOSUN 4 inch Inline Duct Fan 100 CFM, HVAC Exhaust Intake Fan

What do you recommend?


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That 6” fan will be more than enough to exhaust both tents, I’d refrain from putting the fan in the middle of the tents, it could create a positive pressure in your larger tent. (Which leads to odor leaks!)

How tall is your 32x32?


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Hi (first-time grower) How did it turn out? The odor is a big thing for me right now and can't have the heavy smell of a master kush stinking outside my apartment, soooo I was thinking of doing the exact same thing as described and coincidently have the same gear ( ac infinity 6", carbon filter and main tent ). I am considering the 2x2 tent adjacent to my main tent vs a mini wine fridge(1.5x1.5x3) that is not operational but the fan is working for circulating air when plugged in and thinking to add a small dehumidifier, brown paper bags inside the fridge and throw that inside my 32x32. It would take space from a plant but as long as it takes care of the smell I'm okay with it. Ideally, if the setup you described worked for drying and odor control I would go for that just to have the extra plant in my main tent.
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