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What size water pump for 6.5 gallon buckets?


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title sums it up Im going to make a few aeroponi buckets and they will be 6.5 gallon same dimensions as a 5 gallon bucket but square so it adds 1.5 gallons of water.

I have read and read and read and people seem to vary widely on the sizee of pump needed.

Im looking at the eco line of pumps I have some good info on them ...

Im wondering howw importand the amount of water is vs the force of the water?

I read that those small sprayers only put out around 1 to 10 gph, in fact most like the ones i see used are like 1 to 3 gph.

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So should i be looking for pumps with lower water flow and higher pressure?

for example is the eco 132 better then the eco 185, less watts and more head pressure?
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From my experience, go with the larger pump. I have found that the smaller pumps don't have enough pressure to deliver a fine spray, more of a dribble. Also it really depends on the number of spray heads you plan on using.

My first attempt was with a smaller pump and I found that the spray heads clogged easily (make sure you have a good filter to reduce clogging). Higher pressure would help reduce clogs as well.

Most of the pumps can be adjusted down in pressure. So if you go bigger you can reduce the pressure. If you go small you are basically set with what you have and can't increase if you want to. The difference in price isn't that much. Go with the larger pump.
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