What sort of animal would take a whole plant?

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I lost a plant (JOY) and I don't know if the same thing that dug around the root ball may have come back to take the whole plant..

Anyone ever have a plant get ripped out of the ground?

I hope someone has and that it was an animal like a raccoon or something, or else I'm afraid my spot has been discovered and that will be the end of that.
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A human would take a whole plant. An animal may leave a trace IMO.

Throw some video on the area if possible.
Sup JJ Bones, thanks for the help, I did look around for any sign of dragging or peices of plant but found none.
It had rained the night before so I don't know, maybe the tracks were washed away. There is alot of dried grass and twigs that prevent a footprint... so nothing.
I would but I don't plan on going back for at least 4 or 5 days. The ground is nice and moist so no real reason to go back for now.
Too many people, too close together.
No more outside for me!
I thought I was pretty lucky to find this one particular spot, cause of the access from the road.

I have other spots I can start all over with.. I'm on the fence with it.

Thanks guys for your input.:thumb:
you can get a really decent CC system at cosco or a fry's electronics ( if you have one around ) for > $1000 comes with like 4-6 camera's a central control system and hook ups to use a computer HD to back up video they are infrared iirc so night vision works pretty good also ... another good idea is some motion detectors that have a sort of distinct bell system if that makes sense... thats how i had my outdoor set up, 2 cameras at diff angles on the grow , dingers( motion detectors ) on any gated entrance or area you suspect critters may be getting through at etc...
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Thanks for that crystyc. I already pulled out of that one, but thanks for the reply.

I get game and fish mag. so there are lots of ads for those cameras too.

Maybe when I make some serious dough I'll be able to get one and maybe get that big foot.