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What strain?


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I have taken number of clones from my cousins plants. All are doing great! Very happy for my first time grow. My cousin is actually not happy because mine are doing better than his grows (so far so good).

However, I am not sure if I can count on my cousin to know the correct name of the strains he has given me. 25 years ago I would have believed him as there were fewer hybrids, but now he appears to come up with new names for my plants every time I see him.

I know many leaves and buds look similar, but is there an online gallery of leaves that could help me discern what strain I have, or if I post pics can I get a consensus of what strain it could be? I have about 5 clearly discernible strains.

Decided just to upload pics, these are the names I was given.

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You'll have a better chance of guessing when they flower and when you sample. Still, it's long shot that you'll ever know for certain.
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