What strains are you other Aussies growing?

Hi all, first time here so thanks for havin me! Sorry to hijack the thread but Im looking for a quality, fast-flowering strain that will tolerate the humidity etc. up here in far north QLD. Was thinking of going with southern star's Iron duke - apparently a fire OG kush x Thai 82.. I'm not keen on o'seas seed banks as I don't want any chance of getting a knock on the door. Other Aussie seedbanks? Experiences with SSS? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
I could be wrong however in the tropics i think airflow is the key. I'm probably not too far away from you and i have designed and built my space to maximize cool air getting into and flowing around the cupboard. It has a 4" Variable speed exhaust fan mounted inside on the roof of the cupboard with a carbon filter on the outside that doubles as a muffler to lessen the sound of the fan. It also has a small 8" oscillating fan in the bottom to circulate the air and put some breeze over the plants. I have 2 90mm vents (pvc stormwater pipe) in the floor of my home built cupboard that have insect screens over them. The exhaust fan draws fresh air in through here from the concrete floor in the shed. Hot air rises so the coolest air is right on the floor. As my my space is 2.4m high it has tons of head space for the heat to rise to. I cant say with certainty how much difference this makes as i don't have temp or humidity gauge however when i open the cupboard to tend to the plants it is notably cooler inside. Stick with LED's for cooler lighting.
I'm also looking at growing through the cooler/dryer months only. I have just put in 3x Sour Diesel seedlings 10 days ago and they are looking nice. Ill veg these as long as i can and make sure they are harvested before the heat sets in again by next October. So thats a 7 month grow window. I have put 3 plants in there so that will carry me an the missus through until the following harvest (i hope). So i will avoid growing from October through to March. That is a good enough window to try lots of different strains.
I got my lot from Seedsman. I ordered 5X sour Diesel 3X White Widdow and with the freebies i ended up with 28 seeds. It took a while to get to me but im very happy with the service and stealth shipping. Hope this helps.