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What strains should I grow?


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Hey all.

I have decided to grow my own weed first time, outdoors. i live in Lahore, Pakistan. And considering the climate, its getting overwhelming to choose the strain that will be best to grow here. It goes like this:

Foggy Winters (15 Nov — 15 Feb)
Pleasant Spring (16 Feb - 15 April)
Summer (15 April - June) with storms and Heatwave periods
Rainy monsoon (July - 16 September)
and then Dry but pleasant Autumn (16 September-14 November)

On May and June, average highs routinely exceed 40 °C (104.0 °F) and July, with heavy rainfalls and evening thunderstorms. So i am worried about Heat, humidity and rainfalls. During these months we get 8 to 9 hours of good sunlight. I only want pure sativa or some sativa dominant like Durban poison or orange bud, tired of this afghani indica hash. It makes me lazy, no bud here at all :-(

Security or stealth is not an issue cuz no one gives a fuck about it.
suggest me some strains that are best suited to this kind of climate and easy to grow. i am gonna order online, can you tell me which websites ship to Pakistan and what will be the best time to plant the seeds ?


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So you'll be growing outdoors?

I'm not an expert on genetics or geography but being in Pakistan which is right next to Afghanistan I'd probably go with one of the land race strains that originated from the area. That is where the worlds best Cannabis genetics were discovered. I'd check out the Afghan Kush.


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Abbas Bhai and metalhead, I'm having similar issues, grew an average bud back in 2013. I have local seeds this time. Maybe I should try them?
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