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What The Heck Did I Do?


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y folks need some help

week 5 into flowering and 5 plants are showing signs and i think i over fert them.

I had some mites so i did use some power wash but i have had some experience so i did it with the lights off

but i think i over fert, and need to get some feed back

growing in dirt and some of he plants pots i used differnt dirt to include some having miracle grow but these plants that are attached have both dirt with pro mix and some with the miracle grow

week 5 flowering
used sensi bloom
bud Candy hammerhead
and big bud as ferts

they were fed alternating plain water then ferts then plain water every three days week 1-3 week four into week i switched to fert, fert and plain water did that once

so i guess i need to know the deal now the funny stuff is 10 others are beautiful.
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