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what the hell is up with my seedling


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I posted a pic in my gallery Since i don't know how to post it on this thread. It folded it'self almost entirley. Had lights (2 42 w cfls) the first couple days, too close (2inches away) and moved them too 5 inches. I watered 1/4 strength nute, but was showing a little yellow on tips before that. Haven't watered since and it been 4 days. Ph was 7 when I tested soil after nute water. Going to water it with 4.5 Ph distilled water today to balance it out. Let me know if im making Tue right move. Medium is coco coir. Temp has been 75-83 and humidity 53-70 since day one. Any ideas? First grow by the way, and loving every second.:circle-of-love: thanks for the help.


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Your temp and humidity are ok for veg, you should be PH balancing your mixture to 5.8. If your medium is not maintaining a ph of around 5.8 you should flush with 5.8 water till the run off is also 5.8. Unless you are growing in actual soil then the PH should be 6.5 all the way around.

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