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What the Hell?


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I was rolling a joint and while im breakign the weed up i notice a CATERPILLAR(or some small worm) in my broken up weed....waht man!? i got about a pound of weed(kush) stored in a jar, so what the hell is a caterpilalr doing in there? BTW, this is the 2nd time!

BTW, for all of you thinking if im still gonna burn the weed, hell yes, its worth it.

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was your weed grown indoors or out. Sometimes in outdoor crops, you can get eggs from insects that do not hatch, ending up in your dried weed. Once they hatch, it's breakfast time. If the grub had been eating your weed, I would suggest you eat it. Just a slightly different medible lol.


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Yeah, probably outdoor herb and an insect made it's way in there somehow.. I wouldn't make to much of it, just toss it.


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Its a resin worm, find some sometime in real dank weed. Smoke it up, its been feeding on the resin its whole life.
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