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What the... What now? Big Problem


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Okay so i was moving some of my plants around when one of the bud sites was stuck in the other plant and it got knocked over and one of the stems snapped there's also soil with pertile all over the bud sites, I tried removing as much as i could but I'm concerned it will have anything to say? I cut the branch that snapped off the plant and put it in root booster and then in soil and back into the tent will they/it survive and is there anything more i should do? And what will this mean for the plants other branches and bud sites??

Here's some pictures to give you some feelings




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Re: What the... What now? (Big Problem)

it will be ok they are tough and it will repair itself
it may slow it down a bit
the part you snipped off may not make it
usually if i tear or snap anything i just make sure to support it (string works great or get some twist tie, anything that will hold it steady and in place) and the plant heals itself
looking good in there so keep up the good work
good luck and take care


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Re: What the... What now? (Big Problem)

You *can* root and flower that broken stem/bud. It won't be easy, it takes forever and a day and you'll need a lot of leaves on it for it to work. If it survives it will be what's known as a "Flowering Clone". I have several of them myself. See this link for more details.

EDIT: Here is one.

Same plant
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