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What to do with a sexually mature male


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I have a big mature afghani#1 male and dont know what to do with him after I collected pollen from him he had great grow rate and is vigor must guides say to get rid of the male what I see as waste of good medicin it´s still plenty of medicin in the males i tried this for my insomnia last night I collected some tops of the plant and made some te of them and consuming the leafs and stem and I got really relaxes felling i did not become high but it put me to sleep like a baby i think it´s waste to trow away your males you can do hash oil from the leafs and stem instead. please come with your tips and comments


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Depends if hes Catholic or not. All MJ is designed to die after the reproductive act, forming pollen is his act. Males are crap, try and make some oil, you grew it do what ever you want with it! Theres lots of stuff about it.
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