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What to do with clones and seeds you're taking a holiday?


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just wondering if anybody out there can help...

if you're going to take a holiday for about 4 to 5 weeks, what should you do with your crop?
should you give them up and buy a whole batch of new seeds when you come back, or keep your clones growing or something and try and get a friend to come over to water once in a while?

I'm in a pretty tight dilemma.

and how long do seeds keep for? like if i buy a hundred now and plant 10 every year during my holiday for a couple years would they still be viable?

hope someone has a solution.

i've searched for similar topics and i've found none, so if i'm repeating could someone direct me to the thread?



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thanks man. so definitely no way i can keep any of my hard labour? :S fk.


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HAHA oh well i gess no holiday or maybe a shorter one den.

haha thanks alot for your help :D

take it easy

any other comments welcome...


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ive heard of some seeds sitting for 10 years and still germinating...
probally depends on the strain, also seen dead ones i know were not more than a few years old.

you could also attempt to store cuttings in the fridge and freezer for a week or two.
and i know they have some vacation watering things that are good for a while.
its like a gel spike thing, u put in the soil.

ps i just saw those at the store and they said 2-3 weeks on em.


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ohhhh. so it'd be possible to purchase a batch of seeds and just replant every year yeh. nice. dont wana have to go scrambling around for seeds everytime i come back.

and i can store my clones for a couple weeks too. i'll visit my local store later this week to check if they have this vacation watering thing ur talking about.

haha thanks buddy.



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ohhhh fair enough. maybe i'll store some seeds AND try the water stick thing and hope foro the best. hahaha. if the clones screw up den i'll just go with the seeds.

thanks stonergrower4 and janjaweed.

much appreciated. :D:D

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Hey mate, how goes it. Good to see another Aussie on the site. With regard to your seeds, why don't you just buy enough seeds for your first year. You can settle on a strain that suits you, then a new one each year after. There are so many wonderful strains out there to try. New developments in genetics are turning up some amazingly potent strains to grow. With seed availability on the internet you will not have problems sourcing seeds in the future. Good luck
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