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southern boy

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Please give me some advise on this problem that I have. The leaves are spotted and dying. The nods at the bottom are burning or drying up. I tested the soil and it is high on alkaline. I am a rookie at growing so I really could use some help. Thank you.


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You mentioned in your other post, that the grass was doing the same thing...
Maybe the grass has a disease. Root diseases are common in grasses and easily spread to herbaceous plants. Also, I wouldn't expect much growth during this stage in flower. It's going to be putting most of it's focus on bud formation from this point on. I'm not sure what you should do about the dying branches. I would cut the dead one's off and maybe apply an inoculant (beneficial bacteria and fungus) to the spot where the plant is. Hopefully just making the soil a little stronger around the plants roots would help to fight any infection, but it's not a sure thing.
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