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What to line cabinet with?


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Ok so I'm trying to make a little space to flower this one plant while I'm vegging these new plants. So I'm gonna make it under my aquarium in it's stand. I don't want to spend the money on mylar, etc and I don't want to spray paint it because I'm not gonna take it down to bring it outside and I don't want to paint it in my room because it will make the house stink and make everyone wonder why the hell am I spray painting shit inside the house.
What are some alternatives that could be found locally? Would aluminum foil work?



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Even though mylar,panda film,and white paint are much better at reflecting light foil will work but it creates "hot spots".If you do decide to use it remember to use the dull side.Good luck!!


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for a true ghetto approach crisp/chip packets are mylar only thinner make sure you clean it properly tho so you dont attract ants an crap
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