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What type of ballast do I have?


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Hi everybody,

I've acquired a 250 watt light, hood, ballast from a friend that used it on her fish tank. It also has some supplemental cfl tubes. 2 tubes running down both sides of the hood and a separate housing wired to the ballast (8"x10" housing) with two small cfl's in it as well.
I have 2 seedlings and a clone under it now and I am only running the 250w light. It looks very blue, more so than my 400w MH. I am wondering if this bulb is an MV. I have a HPS and an MH on order. Is there any way to tell whether they will work with this ballast?
Any suggestions? Thanks everyone!


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Re: What type of ballast do I have??

Look at the bulbs very closely to see if they say MH, HPS or MV. Look if there are any numbers or letters on the ballast.

Don’t be just putting bulbs in ballast with out knowing what they are, and what kind of ballast you have. You cannot run a MH bulb in a HPS ballast or vise versa.
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