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What up everybody, just registered about 30 minutes ago. Pretty kick ass site I have to say. Marijuana Central... and it makes me happy. Im not high at the moment, but rest assured as soon as I get out of school Im getting blazed. Btw im from Kentucky, and the names John. I have been smoking marijuana since i was in 8th grade, I am currently a senior. Figured I would throw in some personal info just for shitn'tickles. I hope to get to know some of you, as i visit this site quite frequently. Saw the recipe about firecrackers, so i gave that a shot. I couldnt really tell if it worked or not... i was already high as shit. But anyway, lots of useful info on here, got a great thing going. GET CRUNK!!! PS: Lil' Wyte is the shit.


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Welcome to 420 little brother...:60:


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Welcome Jizzlemac- Hope you enjoy this site and happy to hear that you wait till after school to do the green thing! Happy Daze!


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welcome jizzle MC mac. i wasnt gonna say anything but you might want to clarify your age...people have been banned due to the fact that they say they are in highschool..but clarifying your age being (18) i hope anyway, is acceptable as a senior in highschool..and shouldnt result in you getting banned just for having a late birthday....welcome to the boards man. enjoy
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