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What Were Your Favourite Concerts?


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Wow! There are a lot of metal fans here, I see. Personally, I don't love metal for the most part. I like Guns 'n Roses' stuff from the 80s/90s but that's about it.

Since I posted my original list, I need to add Green Day, March 2017 and The Tragically Hip, August 2016.
When I was young I loved metal. Now I'm older I mostly listen to classic rock or country. Metal sometimes. Depends on the mood [emoji846]


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Well, it's too bad you don't live closer then since I have no interest in Santana myself. :D


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When I was young I went to many shows, hard to compare but one of the best was Emerson, Lake and Palmer. They were older by the time I saw them but had such great energy and stage presence. I once saw Joe Walsh and his voice sounded exactly like the albums. The Dead shows in Vegas were always great fun, but more about the overall experience, not really about the music (although the music was awesome too).

I’ve seen Santana several times, he puts on an awesome show. One time Jeff Beck opened up for him and they played several songs together, right as the sun was setting behind the stage, it was an amazing experience.

I used to listen to a lot of heavy metal music, and if you’re into it there isn’t a better show to see live than King Diamond.

So many great concerts, makes me almost wish large crowds of people were still a thing worth dealing with.


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Oh and Breakology back in 2010. It wasnt so much a concert it was a drum and bass rave but it was a HUGE event in my town which is a small town. Even one of the dj's who is also a HUGE dj who has a regular radio 1 show said live on air. "When I heard where the event was I was like "Huh really? Where is this place? Why is it there?" But My lord it went off in there! Hands down one of the best raves I have ever dj'd in my life."
So yer that gave me and the boys a sense of pride. Not that we did anything other than let the music do what its supposed to and shake a f***in leg!! LOL

Sweet Tea

Just saw The Dead this weekend. Not the best I've seen, but ya' know, keeping on topic here. Definitely, full on Dead with the experience. And, of course, that's pure groovy.
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