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What will/could happen?

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So I've been wanting to grow plants for a while now and I decided I can do it now. I only plan on growing 2 plants at a time, not 2 big plants just 2 plants period. I don't have a medical card nor does anyone of my family. I searching what could happen and I came across this Cultivation any amount is a felony, Incarceration would be 16 mos - 3 years with a fine of $0. I'm growing in my parents house, my dad is fine with it and my mom doesn't know. I don't want my parents to get the punishment if I'm the one growing it. I don't think I'll get busted for the grow, but if it does will I really get 16mos - 3yrs for 2 plants (I'm not selling just growing for personal use)? I was speaking with my dad about it and he said we can get a medical card later, and not to worry about it right now. I'm not sure how long it'll be until my dad or I get's a medical card for it. I'm in California, huge thanks for your time :)

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