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What will needs to be more Wavelength!


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Hello I have a simple question

1. For Growing Marijuana

What will needs to be more :

For The Red : 630 or 660 like 10 660 & 2 630 =12 red

For the Blue 430 or 460 like 2 460 $ 1 430 = 3 Blue
Please Answer simplicity

2. What do you think about that led i buy For all stage of growth

60 led * 3w = 180w Of course it is less Like 140w

48 red led , 40 led at -660 and 8 at -630
12 Blue led , 8 led at -460 and 4 at - 430


Thanks and Please Answer simplicity :)


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There is no simple answer for your question. That is why there are hundreds of different LED grow panel sellers all using different wavelengths and ratios. Reading over the link in my signature and using the search feature of the forums will guide you down the path you are searching, but there are people and companies that spend years and thousands of dollars looking for the same answer. Noone has found the perfect ratio yet or all lamps would be using it.
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