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What would happen if I top my plant 10 times?


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Once you pass a certain point you don't yield more weight in bud, you just spread it out. So you can have 30 tops with 1 pound of bud or 100 top with 1 pound. And the max weight will depend on what your roots will support.

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Bud diffusion aka smaller buds...

Topping don't work with all strains by the way as some create a single node point whilst others create a double node point... need to look at node & if it shows new leaf sprouts either side its double node, i'm not sure what genetic traits produce this effect ? but once ya grown a few strains ya see.

If topped at a double node you will get two new branches and if topped again you get four, doubling each time topped.

How ever the length of veg time is increased for new growth to regenerate !

So its only really practical a few times at best if ya don't mind some 4 to 6 months of veg for a plant...


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I can show you a comparison of same strain, same size pot, with no topping versus double topping on my last grow.

This first shot shows a plant that was never topped. One big cola and several nice secondaries. Total dry weight - 82 grams


This next shot shows a plant that was topped once at about 6 inches in height and then a second time at 12 inches in height to create 4 main colas. The apical, or main cola, finished at 41 grams dry and the entire plant yielded 122 grams dry.


At some point, you will reach a point of diminishing returns, but double topping still leaves enough energy to support 4 main colas easily.


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I normally top the main apical stem first as to divert auxins to side/lateral branches to develope a more bushy plant...

That is about 4 to 6 weeks of veg from seed by the way, before topping apical stem the more nodes or branch sites on main stem the better for greater yield !

Give it a few weeks extra of veg to promote growth & then top side lateral branches giving the plant the same amount of time for regenerative growth before placing under 12/12 flowering regime.

That is about some 3 to 4 months of veg if growing in soil/compost mix & can effectively double the yield of the plant !

Over a plant grown natural from seed with no training...

On the bright side of things topping in this manner really does reduce stretch in flowering by a large % than a plant grown with out topping... so topping may well suggest medium to large strains can be grown via topping when total height might be of question in a limited grow space.

The only CON i can think of is that well topped plant may take up more space in width/depth... so ultimately it is space question ?


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you can gain just as good effects with a "fim" pinch or simply bending the main shoot sideways to become more bushy. then you never stunt its growth with a knife. with that said I usually use the fim over topping. I just like bushes over the four headed monsters or the Christmas trees.
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