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What would you do?


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So my Agent Orange and Blue Dream trichchromes are right where I want them at 10%-15% amber 90%-85% milky, but I'm only on day 5 of flushing.


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Well you could harvest now.. But you may not be fully flushed. At the same time, there are people who insist that flushing isn't as necessary at all.

But either way, your trichomes are where you want them. So you have to weigh the risk of harsh smoke vs. perfectly mature Cannabis.

You can also walk a fine line between, give them 2 more days, with a MASSIVE flush today/tomorrow. And then harvest on the 7th day.


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I am certain you have harvested by now but I agree with Antics, I would have given them two days of ice water/molasses flushes and cut them. I much prefer an earlier cut anyways though. I have started using an ice water/molasses flush for two days when growing in coco, I flush with ice water with 1 tsp of molasses per gallon and no lights for two days then lights back on for two days with no water at all for two days before I cut. The combination of carb loading plus stress really gives them a last kick in the pants to get the last of the trics to do their collective thing. I should ad that I use molasses every other week during their whole life cycle as well. The trace minerals and carbs really make a difference IMO.
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