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Whats a good digital timer to use to exhaust my grow room?


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:yummy:i am using a phresh filter and a 8 inch vortex to exhaust a 9x9x7 growlab tent. i wanna exhaust the room for a min every three to five mins, whats a good timer that can do that? thanks


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I don't personally know of any timers that run like that. I have some digital timers that can do 1 minute apart but only have 8 on/off cycles per day. I also have manual timers that have 15min on/off cycles but thats about it. I have found that when using a grow tent it is best to just use a constant exhaust as it will hep keep negative air pressure on the tent and keep any unwanted odor's form escaping in between exhaust cycles. I have grown in tents for a couple years now (using for vegetation rooms at this point) and this is how I have gotten the best results.
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