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Whats best growing medium to use?


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Hi my last grow i had problems with ph in soil, and had a crzy grow trying to sort it out. Im trying to figure out what is best to grow with, something like bio bizz a growing compost or canna coco. I know i can use bio bizz and just add nutrients. But i got told canna coco is best.
If i use canna coco would i have to add more than the normal NPK nutes during the grow?:bong:

JJ Bones

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I enjoy soil, I'd recommend sticking with soil and changing your mix.

Otherwise Coco is a good route, if your planning on sticking with hand feeding.

Droopy Dog

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Stick with what you know, and just add some dolomite lime to your mix.

$5 for a 40lb bag at Lowes and will keep your soil pH in the sweet zone. It's just that simple, easy, and cheap.

Coco is good, but brings its own set of rules to follow.

I'm using Canna Coco right now for the first time and its great stuff, I won't ever use anything else unless I choose a DWC/NFT/etc. type setup in the future.

I don't know what you mean by 'more then the normal NPK'. What does 'normal' NPK' mea? Normal? Are you talking about soil (which has NPK in it)?

Coco is an inert medium and contains no NPK or any other mineral for that matter. Throughout the grow you will need to feed your plants ALL the NPK from their nutes. Coco is not soil and nothing like soil.

If you use canna's A+B nutrients appropriately you should never have any problems.


Plant of the Month: May 2013
Cheers for all the input, went pricing today and hydroponic isnt too expensive so might jus fuk off the soil or coco an do hydro, think that gotta have best and fastest reults, thanks everyone for all help again, appreciate your time.
Happy growing everyone
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