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Whats getting in the bong


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sup guys, got some pics of what im smoking on... ill upload some more pics later
these first two are some strawberry very fruity sativa i got some my buddy like it so much he went the next day and got a half oz


And these last two shows are of some Widow from my buddy who grew it but it came from another grower that named it white widow Altho he still curses himself for not naming it something else...( i know it as widow) basically this thing is like lemon pinesol in smell and tastes just like lemons and it get you lifted



anywho thats it for now if i get some time ill upload some more i got some more nuggets that i can upload thanks for looking:bong:


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i love a food fruity sativa mmmmm....


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thanks everyone for your comments, and thanks gobbler, i should have some pics of of it up 2marrow with my new addition.


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dang where are the mods with my pics...

To Be Continued...


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alright here we go got this yesterday

Got This yesterday some The Purps X Mk Ultra very nice smoke


And this is two grams of hash for 30 bucks its awesome, the first one is the "brick" itself


And This one is the side of to show some girth haha

Thats it For Now...


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My fucking word, that hybrid looks so delectable. How much do buds of such calibre run you (if you don't mind my asking so)? Nice score on the 'shish too, what're its effects ?

not bad in the 50-55 and 8th range for the most parts prices down here in sb are nice... somtimes ill get that 60 an 8th but really theer no need when there stuff like this around for 50...

the hash is so nice... mellow but if you rip it to hard it will kill smells lemony im thinking its a trainwreck something...


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Nice looking bud and hash dude!


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that bud looks fantastic man.. very nice :allgood:
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