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whats up. im new here just wanted to kinda introduce my self. i love to surf chill with the firends and smoke you know the usuall... i look forward to postin i was readin other posts for a while
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shortboard or longboard?

fav. surfer? i was in mexico last april and 3 mexicans came up to me, (this was when my hair was shorter, and fro'd out) and told me i looked identical to rob machado

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yeah truee.. and rasta, i surf long board.. my fav surfer is brandon carlisle.. hes kinda an underground unknown surfer.. hes rad.. D brown u got a favorite?
Welcome. Fresh towels will be delivered to your room daily.
lol sry. to be honest....i have no idea why i said it....i just did. :) Welcome tho.

Explanation - Was refering to a hotel stay. Why u ask? i'll tell u when i find out.
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