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Creme de la Creme Photos: Sept 2016
I had my left hip replaced 3 years ago
Woody and dr hook did theirs this year. 2nd one for Woody but I see guys hobbling around and I don't want to be that guy so if it can be reliably done I'll do that to rid the issue.

But seriously, you take care of yourself
Girls look great,,
a warm muggy new year.:peace:
Thanks for the well wishes, drive-bys and weather forecasts. Cooler air blew in last night so that part is back to normal.

In case you guys didn't know and I'm not sure there's any reason for you to know...Black Cherry Punch scissor hash is a wild ticket early in the morning.

I may partially harvest Pakistan Valley today. One of her branches fell over last night since the BCP girls weren't in the tent to shoulder the weight. World class problem there. It might be the nicest cola I've grown in the past couple of years. I'll get some pictures later.

Anyway....I have a hair cut appointment this morning and then I'll think about chopping.

Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year. :yahoo:


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When my hip was going out the first time,, avascular necrolysis? When I broke my neck in that bike wreck, I also landed real hard on my hip. Amongst alot of other things, well the ball part of my hip died and acouple years after the wreck it started to crumble and hurt like hell.. Way up in the groin. I mean way up there,,, deep.

Got to where all I could do was walk into the doughnut shop and sit and layout the days work for my crews, then wince back to the truck to go home and lay down.

I'm a professional procrastinator... So I put it off as long as possible.. I don't know why,, once I got it done it was like wow... Man, that felt good.. And I was getting around in acouple weeks without crutches. This last revision is abit trickier. They had to do alot of bone grafting to build up a thin-walled bone or they didn't have enough material to get the screws to bite in...

You said you had bad disks? A pinched nerve in your back wood make you have that numbness in your foot. That's kind of what it sounds like... GL with the doc's. Them orthopedic docs are just glorified, carpenters... All they need is a skill saw, afew Simson strong ties, a box of drywall screws and a cordless screwdriver......

But is pretty cool what they can do with them....

GL hope it's something simple..
Happy New Year


Creme de la Creme Photos: Sept 2016
The Happiest of New Years to you MJ. May 2020 find you happy and healthy. Hope you get your hip/leg/back problem taken care of ASAP.
Happy New Year to Beez and everyone.

We have seeds. Two branches of the Black Cherry Punch were pollinated with Ciskei and Alaskan Thunder Fuck back around November 26 2019. Sadly the Ciskei did not produce any seeds yet the Alaskan Thunder Fuck pollen did it's job and resulted in 21 nice dark mature seeds. There are only 18 in the photo but I went back and checked that branch one more time and found 3 more.

Makes me want to go pop a seed ya'll. :51:


Creme de la Creme Photos: Sept 2016
This is the second day of the year and I've had to spend over $500 on my truck today. Some of it I knew about as the license plate needed to be renewed and local taxes have to be paid at that time. Prior to renewal NC requires that the vehicle passes a safety inspection. The official inspection will not be done if the "check engine" light is tripped on the dashboard so I had to have the oil pressure sensor replaced to get rid of the light.

It used to be that someone with a few tools and some time could work on their own trucks. Not any more. Engineers design the vehicle to prevent this and drive revenue back to the dealers and mechanics. Even if the owner has done all the diagnostic work the mechanics do this all again and charge for their service. Nothing new here. Oh well...I can drive my truck again without too much worry and I'm paid up for another year in taxes and licensing fees.

I thought I'd harvest the Pakistan Valley girl today but I'm just not in the mood right now. She's ready and the fade is just about done. Tomorrow I'll tackle that project and probably jar up the Black Cherry Punch that I chopped last week.



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Nug of the Month: Sept 2019
Glad you got everything right with your truck. Hate it cost so much though. SHEESH! Makes me think about the place I get all my tires. They advertise (and will) match or beat the best deal you can find anywhere within a 50 mile radius on new tires. I took Lisa's Civic in for tires and told them...."All I want is new tires" Thirty minutes after they take the car to the back a guy comes out with a sheet of paper with a print out showing me that her front end is out of alignment and for just $79.99 they can remedy that. Didn't seem to make sense to put on brand new tires on a car with the front end out of alignment so I said yeah, go for it. Ten minutes later he's back...…..He says...…"Um, your front brakes are down to about 25% left" So I was now pissed. I said put the old tires on it. I'll pay for the alignment if you've done that already. But told the manager that every time I come in for tires I tell them...."All I want is new tires" and every time they find this or that wrong.

Well he said they already had the new tires on and there would be a CHARGE to switch them back out again...ha ha ha. But yeah, I know what you mean.

I did end up getting a good deal on a pair of 70,000 mile Cooper tires though.


Creme de la Creme Photos: Sept 2016
@MagicJim who is that in the back right corner behind the Pakistan Valley plant and to the right of the Jellium plant?
2 Jellium plants in the back. I enjoyed (and still enjoying) the Jellium and the Black Cherry Punch from last harvest so I wanted to stock up on those as I do plan to shut down the bloom tent for a while.

I guess I should thank you once more for those genetics. 2019 was a good year for us to do those plant and seed swaps which I shared with another grower in Georgia. The postal system makes this a much smaller country :19:

They both are top shelf from In House Genetics and I'll try very hard to keep them in mother form. Yeah....I'm with you on the sales practices of anything related to autos right now but I'll get over it. I just needed to whine a bit.


Creme de la Creme Photos: Sept 2016
@ilikemsticky . I'm sure the Jellium can be grown to branch to a degree but it certainly would take some veg time with lots of trimming and training. My little mama plant is doing a better job of branching a little lower and I may actually get her to squat a bit as I have time to trim and train a bit. Or I could just be lazy.

Outgoing mail to you now in the hands of the post office. No tracking number so we'll just have to trust them I guess.


Creme de la Creme Photos: Sept 2016
The Black Cherry Punch harvest of 12/30/19 was jarred up today yielding 62.4 grams from 2 plants. I'm not disappointed at all as it's about what I expected.

I checked trichomes this morning on the 2 Jellium and the Pakistan Valley. I don't know why I thought they would be ready to harvest soon. They're days not weeks away but trichomes are about 50% clear/cloudy. They got straight water this morning.

The Pakistan Valley girl has those honker colas which surely will yield well.

The two Jellium plants likely will not provide much weight but I like the flowers. She's got those shiny dark green leaves which tells me she's healthy. I was using aperture priority setting on the camera which I guess I should remember.

Stay medicated folks. :51:
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