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What's In Jim's Grow Room?


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Great smoke report. Some could use that talent to do write up on seeds for sale..

But everyone knows I can't read I look at the pictures,,but looks like you got a seedling rearing to go...

And some good herbs in the jar,, congrats

GL and Keepem Green


Creme de la Creme Photos: Sept 2016
It took the Quarter Pounder x Tangerine Dream auto a whole day to break ground but I'm sure glad to see her. I love the fragrance of Oranges and Tangerines, actually anything citrus works for me.

I expect to be harvesting this girl in 90 days or so. So far she's shown to be a vigorous little thing popping out of that hole in only 1 day. Makes me look like I'm a genius. :19:

Like @bobrown14 I mixed some H2O2 and water together to cleanse the seed before I soaked her overnight. I used a prescription bottle and agitated it like hell to perform this task. I wonder if he watch the same video?

To kill anything on the paper towel I just used boiling water to dampen that and housed her between two plates for 2 days to pop the root. I did not have to crack the seed as these seeds were made by @beez0404 early in 2019 so they were reasonably fresh.

This one will need a new name. I'm counting on @ChefDGreen to help.

It's It Punch in the bowl this morning.


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
I think mine lost its filtering ability at around 2 years. I may take it down, drill the rivets out and see what that activated charcoal looks like. I saw a 5 lb sack on Amazon for about $25 which might just be the ticket to restoring an older one.
Hey there MJ - Congrats on your harvests and your seed making project.

That Jellium x ATF should be a winner. Give that Jellium some bulk. It's good weed but the yields are lowish. I've coaxed 3 zips out of 1 plant in the past but gotta do some training in VEG. Or grow 6 at a time like I'm gonna do here in a few. lol

For your filter I can get another year of of mine by running hot water over it in the bath tub for a few minutes then let it dry and back in the room. You can also wet it and bake it it the oven @250 or so for 1/2 hour but I don't want to stink up my new stove so I never tried it. Likely can do it in a BBQ Grill outside prolly work.

Activated charcoal can be cleaned. Folks that do fish tanks clean it and re-use we can do it too. Imma cheap ass so I like to find ways to spend more on seeds and less of everything else. lol

Good smoke report.

Here's mine:

Its good weed, tastes good too. Gets me high a/f.

Done. Boom


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Hey Jim!

I think Pomelo auto would be a fitting name. Not only is that like a mix between quarter pounder and tangerine, my QPaxTDa is getting real chunky right now.


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
OK gang. Quick question. What do you think about Gorilla Glue?
Ran it before the GG#4 hit the scene I think I ran seeds that were part of the GG#4 while it was happening - I think like 2014 I got the seeds then grew it 2015 spring run or somehting.

All I remember about it was that I got big ass colas huge and it was summer time and got some bud rot a lil bit. It went down stream faster than a kayak on a rainy day. I dont remember puffing any.


Creme de la Creme Photos: Sept 2016
Sorry Jim I wasn't get any notifications for your journal. But I am back
I'm not completely certain the web site operates like it should but it is what it is. Not much going on. I did start an auto just to watch something else grow. Other than that I'm just hanging out.


Creme de la Creme Photos: Sept 2016
Team got watered yesterday as they were needing it. Sometimes I just don't do a good job of keeping up with my watering chores. Anyway...the girls are doing well but I need to prune again. I have to keep them in check as I haven't a clue when I'll run the flower tent again.

The little Pomelo auto is just enjoying herself.



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It’s going to be interesting to see how big your Pomelo gets. I think I mishandled mine in the seedling/veg phase. She only got sorted out when she started to flower.


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Here’s a dried Pomelo bud, 2 days into curing.

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