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whats it smell like???

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You came to the right place! Welcome to the forums. Please keep posting and tell us a little about yourself.

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:allgood: ThanK U All WhO MadE Me FeEL WeLCOMED hERe @ 420 Mag FoRUm ....:headbang: U RoCk:48: well I guess u all want me to tell a little bout myself so here it goes i am 27 years old and have herretitary Arthritis it sucks im so young and i shouldnt have these problems but i have found a CURE my Dr. here in California Prescribed me Mary Jane..and since then it makes it so much easier to do the things i was starting not to be able to do i ven have been able to start working out again which is great because before it had started getting so bad that my hands would get all tensed up and cramp and hurt anyitme i would grip anything tightly.but i am getting better and better all the time as long as i have my meds another thing is that i have worked hard for everything i have on or off weed and pot never made me have any problems with getting things accomplished so to whom it may concern u know who u might be if u think u cant get anything done on weed well thats good for u cause it might be that way for u.... but doesnt meen it is like that on everyone else if u dont like it dont smoke it but dont try to stop those that need it.....ok well if any body wants to talk im here...anybody done hydro?want to discuss grow technix hit me up..anybody ever tried BUD xL im curious of what u thaught of it?:51: well keep on tokin people...peace to u all...and remember God Gives to Us everything we really need and he also gives to us every plant that bares seed.....so if weed bares seed then that is something we need...we need weed
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