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What's the 411 on Avid?

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Avid is a miticide that contains Abamectin, which is a mixture of avermectins, which are antibiotic compounds derived from the soil bacterium Streptomyces avermitilis. Abamectin acts as an insecticide by affecting the nervous system of and paralyzing insects. Abamectin is used to control insect and mite pests of citrus, pear, and nut tree crops, and it is used by homeowners for control of fire ants.

Avid is mixed with water and sprayed on the surface of the leaves. It is generally mixed at a rate of 1/4 teaspoon per quart of water. The conventional wisdom is that it is safe to spray on your plants 5 weeks before harvest. Mites die when they come in contact with it.

Avid breaks down quickly once it is mixed so don't mix more of it than you need at the time. Given its cost, that should be an easy caveat with which to live. Do not resuse your leftovers, at its diluted stregnth spider mites may survive a treatment, which might lead to resistance.

Avid is post a pesticide and an ovicide, which means it kills mites and eggs.


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Im looking into it to get rid of the thrips once and for all, anybody think I shouldn't? It says for ornamental? I wonder if its safe to use on edible veggies?
I guess I have a lot more research to do, going to use some neem oil tonight and again on tuesday


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Have you tried SNS-203™ Pesticide Soil Drench/Foliage Spray?

SNS-203™ Concentrated Natural Pesticide Soil Drench and Foliage Spray is made up of pure Rosemary and Clove botanical extracts. The botanicals are all food grade GRAS (generally recognized as safe) materials. SNS-203™ Concentrated Natural Pesticide Soil Drench is exempt from EPA registration under minimum risk pesticides exempted under FIFRA section 25(b). SNS-203™ Kills and Repels Fungus Gnats, Root Aphids, Thrips, Shore Flies and White Flies.

How It Works
High moisture levels in soils and around pots encourage the development of fungus gnats, shore flies and other pests.
 Fungus gnats will feed on fungi and decaying organic material in the soil. If a fungal food source is not readily available, fungus gnats may feed directly on plants. During the propagation of cuttings, fungus gnats may feed upon the callus. This may slow down or completely inhibit rooting. They can also damage the roots as they feed upon seedlings and potted plants. On many thick and succulent stemmed plants, larvae may tunnel into stems and cause plants to wilt and die. Larval feeding upon young roots encourages the development of root and stem rots such as Pythium. When this occurs, plants will be stunted with reduced growth and leaf drop.
 Shore flies feed upon algae and do not directly feed upon plants. However, their frass (droppings) on plants, in addition to their presence, may be objectionable to customers and may carry other diseases.
 SNS-203™ Concentrated Natural Pesticide Soil Drench active ingredients, attack fungus and algae and cause the pests to dehydrate their body fluids and dry up.
 When used as a foliage spray SNS-203™ will control and eliminate Greenhouse Thrips, Fungus Gnats, Root Aphids, White Flies and Shore Flies.
Our Product has been tested in our lab on delicate new growth, clones, cuttings, tomatoes, roses and other plants.

SNS-203™ Concentrated Natural Pesticide Soil Drench can be used on a wide variety of plants, vegetables, and even trees. When applying the product take caution not to apply to any buds on the plant, in doing so this could result in burning the buds. SNS-203™ can be applied to soil or sprayed on fruits, vegetables, and plants varying from; apples, apricots, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cherries, chives, corn, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, parsley, fuchsia, roses, flowers, houseplants, etc. SNS-203™ Concentrated Natural Pesticide Soil Drench is fully bio-degradable and is non-toxic to animals.

Directions for use:
Soil Drench:
Mix 4-8 TBSP (2-4oz) of concentrate to 1 gallon of water. Thoroughly drench affected and surrounding area.
Foliar Spray: Mix 4-12 TBSP (2-6oz) of concentrate to 1 gallon of water. Spray Foliage to point of runoff.
Repeat 2-3 times as necessary. Do not mix with other chemicals or fertilizers.

Directions for Use in Hydroponics:
If you can remove plant from system
- Remove plant and place in 5 gallon bucket.
- Pour solution over top of the root system down and drain into the bucket.
- Let sit for 5-10 minutes.
- Rinse with water and return plant to system.
- Apply 2-5 times every 2-3 days as needed, depending upon infestation.
- You may reuse the solution in the bucket, simply strain unwanted pests and set aside. The product is good for 2 years after expiration date marked on bottle. Keep out of sun and away from extreme heat.
If you cannot remove plant from system
- Pour solution over the top of the root system down and let it drain into the system.
- Use on each individual plant, pouring over top of root system.
- Apply 2-5 times every 2-3 days as needed, depending upon infestation.
- Make sure to flush system appropriately after use.SNS-203™ should not be left in a reservoir.
CAUTION: Do not use with other products. 

Active Ingredients

Clove Oil1.5%

Rosemary Oil0.53%

Polyglyceryl Oleate0.6%

Lauric Acid0.11%

Water Balance to100%
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