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Whats the best nutrients


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Hey well i want ya'll to look at this website of the only hydroponics store around where i live the website is (growyourownhydroponics.com) and wanted to see if somebody can take a look at it and let me know what are the best nutrients i should get and by the way im growin them indoors in soil. when you go to the website you just goota scroll down a little bit and they have the links you can click on dat shows pictures of the nutrients they have. thank you to whoever responds back


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The advance nutrients line is the best in nutes.
I like and heard good things about Biobizz too.
Both names carry organic ferts. Your gonna need a grow and a bloom formula and their are anumber of additives and boosters to try in the future too.


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If you have no budget and can afford any product I agree w/ Urdedpal, the Advanced Nutrients line is superb and I believe its designed specifically for cannbis growing. If your on a budget I would recommend using Fox Farm nutrient line, its what I use and its fairly priced, you should be able to score the Fox Farm Grow Big, Big Bloom, and the Tiger bloom for $40 or somewhere close to it at your shop, I saw it on the shelves in large pic #3. Good luck.
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