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Whats the difference?

When I grow regular seeds I dont get any problems with PH,no screwed up leaves,and have not bothered to feed them nutes either,and they come out great at the end,and with a reasonable yield,too.All done in average soil,usually B&Q soil. When I use feminised seeds all hell breaks loose and my plants get spots,yellowing,etc. Whats up? Thx


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the gennetics and processes used are terrible. the only was is natures way!
its all in the way ya make em. a fem. seed is only good one way! only one. nature has it down! do it yourself and save a tone of trouble. ever made your own x's?

ps its very easy, the timing is the key. repetative timing. there is only jus a few days involved at lights out. ive done it a few diff times. ya have to keep a very close eye on things when you start the process.
Dont think you`ve given the answer I needed. Are they genetically more fragile ?.because ive always had problems with them. No problems with regular,as they seem hardy in most soils and dont spot on me.


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It depends on how they were made Fem seeds. If the natural way (hermies), then there shouldn't be a problem. Did you get these from the same seed house?

Also I'm not sure why there would be a debate over femed seeds have an increased risk of problems, since all cannabis has this trait.

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