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What's the easiest strain for a newbie


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West Hippie

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I'm trying the White widow now my west Hippie homie in soil i just was hoping to see faster growth does this clone look like it will alright to you?
Looks to be growing just fine , when your in soil takes longer than hydro. Is that the pot you started it in ?

West Hippie

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No sir it was rooted in a humidity done for about 9 days then transplanted once I saw large roots
I looked again looks great , now you have to wait on the roots to fill the soil in . Then it will take off . The saying I hear here is the larger the roots the larger the plant . Made a believer out of me !
Check out the helpful link below on my post, you need to start a journal and interact with growers growing your way (soil) you’ll have plenty help in a journal!

West Hippie

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Hell yeah brother , thanks for the help and confidence booster
Here’s another thread I’d like you to check out @InTheShed you’ll find clone heaven there .its a big one so go to the last page and start there and ask any questions you want to know !


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I had a real nice grow of Cali OG Kush/Haze from crop king seeds. They grew perfectly every step. I used a scrog and heavy defoliation from @Bassman59. In supersoil. They would grow any way you want I'm sure.


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Welcome. Like suggested above it would be best to start a grow journal. That way you can make your own notes for future grows. It allows other members to follow along for any problems that come along as well as a great way to teach new growers that come here to read about different strains and styles
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