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What's the problem with this plant? Can't figure it out


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So I've had this problem on last grow and it's seems to be back. Tingrine-o-matic, week 5, fox farms soil, Humboldt country nutes and recharge but very limited. Was using well water but have switched to distilled and came up in ph from 6-6.5 to 7. Neem at 3 weeks one time. Humidity 40-50%, temp 73-80, well ventilated, fans keep gentle movement of leaves, 2 300 watt leds, 1 315 watt cmh.


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How to Ask for Grow Support <--- Click me

You should have completed the info list provided in this "how to ask for grow support" thread before posting. Also, you didn't say what the problem was. Copy and paste the list into a reply with the fields filled out, describe in detail what your problem is as best you can, and try and get a few pictures posted. Without pictures people can only guess at what your problem is or what you should do to fix it, which isn't good for your plants.
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