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Whats up brothers and sisters of the Green?

Hey there.. Call me Sticky. New here to this community. Midwest Region. Smoking and growing medicine is a MUST. Up-tights need to Loosen it up like a high 87 year old granny.. Also- lol I'm new to growing.. any advice...


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Hi and welcome to 420 Magazine
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A grow journal is where you write about your grow, ask for help upload pictures of your babies
:5: have fun :5: we are here for you..

Hyena Merica

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Welcome to the 420 Mag community!
We are all about sharing knowledge and helping spread the love. :yummy:

I am an experienced indoor grower and
I invite you to CLICK THIS and follow my journal:


It's all there my friend!

Best of luck,
Peace, Hyena
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