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What's up guys? First Grow!


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First off, I wanna say i appreciate all the shit everyone does to help others be successful with their grows on this site. It's really helpful just getting on here and reading up, like I've been doin for the past 2 years. But I just decided i better make a post on here explaining what I got goin on so here it is..

I don't have any set budget, but I am making due with what I have and spending the money when I have it.

I have plenty of bag seeds from this good homegrown from my area to start with, plus ten reg. purple bud and ten fem. power africa on their way from attitude.

I built a veg box that's roughly a foot wide, 3 feet long, and 1 1/2 feet tall to raise my babies in until they are about a foot tall, then take them outside.

There aren't any good garden stores around my area, and it's hard to come across a good soil. I've read up on miracle grow and I understand that it can work fine, but it isn't recommended. But since I can't do any better, I thought I'd give it a shot and see what sort of advice I could get out of some of you experienced growers out there that i look up to so much :tokin:

So I made a mix of 2 parts MG moisture control, 1 part perlite, and threw in some lime to help control ph.. what do you guys think? Just trying to make due with what's available in my area.

I already have my spot picked out, dug some holes about 3 feet wide by 2 feet deep, and mixed in some good ol' horse shit because i've heard it's good for the soil and my grandpa grows some hellacious tomatoes using it.

I need all the advice I can get, just trying to try something new and join this whole world of growing I've been researching on. Just like the rest of you, after those JUICY BUDZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks abunch dudes


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Re: What's up guys? FIRST GROW!

if your looking for a hydro shop in your area, go to fox farms webside and tpye in your location it will give you the location of stores that sell there soil. when i did this it poped up 3 grow shops and a nursery.. i now drive an hour away for all my supplies..
Re: What's up guys? FIRST GROW!

you can also get soil shipped to you but shipping is normally kinda expensive. You could also look up a soil recipe and build your own, but without access to garden stores it might be hard to find everything.

That being said, my first couple of grows were in MG organic choice soil with 4ft shop lights. My yield was pretty weak- around 1/2oz between 2 plants, but the smoke was good, and it was a good learning experience. Since you plan on flowering outside, you yield will be much higher, my lack of light was the weakest link in the grow. You can get away with using the MG soil, just be careful when nuting as the soil comes pretty rich in nutrients most of the time.


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Re: What's up guys? FIRST GROW!

yeah that's what i'm worried about man is what's a legit way to nute my kids if i'm raising them in this MG/Perlite/Lime mix. I can get my plants started damn good, got that down with my veg box. If I had the money, I'll most likely order some ocean forest and a nute pack in the next month or so.. but i've heard plenty of people talk about having success with miracle gro, and I just want to get some of my bagseed from my buddies homegrown started early so I'll have some plants with high yeild.

Re: What's up guys? FIRST GROW!

I would only nute them when they're showing they need it. My first grow in MG soil didn't require any nutes. If you plan on blooming them outside, I would only give them flower nutes, and even with that I'd start it out really light and monitor from there. I generally only feed when the plant looks hungry.


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Re: What's up guys? FIRST GROW!

Start 'em 4x6 inch peat pots with Jiffy Mix. Let 'em grow indoors until there's no chance of frost then start hardening them off outdoors in indirect sun for a week to ten days. A few hours each day putting them in the direct sun more and over that period.

Now you know those holes are only barely big enough for 2 mature female plants tops? That's thing about growing outdoors,plants get BIG. You may have to dig and prep a few more holes. Stay away from the MG potting soil and perlite for the rest of them. Any two legged fiend knows those white flecks don't exist in nature. You're leaving a little path directly to your plots.

Go with the MG topsoil mix if that's available. It's nothing but soil w/ no ferts and neutral pH,use that horseshit and you should be fine.

Is there a water source near your grow site? Even if you live in an area with plenty of rain,you're going to have water those plants at least two times a week until their established unless you're getting regular soaking rains in that period. Watering about twice a week the first two weeks should get them established.

Now to planting. This is going to take a few trips unless you can drive to your spot w/ a big ol' box of young plants and several gallons of water. Otherwise you're stuck with hauling them in 4-6 at a time in a backpack.

Once you get to the site you dig a hole about one and half times as deep as the peat pot and twice as wide. You're going to fill the hole full of water and let it drain into the soil. It's going to take few minutes. You then take the peat pot,put it in the hole and fill gently but firmly around it with about a 1/4 inch or so of the soil over the pot itself. Then you give the plant a good soaking,until little water stands on the surface for a few minutes then soaks in. You dig yourself another hole in that patch site and repeat. As half your plants will probably be male you can go 3 plants to your 3x2 hole. Your yields will be a lil' smaller but outdoors in a good climate in a decent year you should pull a half pound of bud apiece even if they're slightly crowded. Ideally you'd want one hole that size per plant,but it rarely works out that way.

It may take you a week in your spare time to get 'em all out,but you will. Check on them often the first couple of weeks,then maybe once a week tops on a quick walk by during the next couple of months. Use a different way in each time you visit them.

Come mid-July you need to start checking for males. One good sign to look for w/ males is their pre-flower stretch. You do your usual walk by and take a look at the patch from a few yards away. If one plant has suddenly got much taller than it's companions,you want to take a good look at it for signs of male pre-flowers at the leaf and branch nodes. If it's got balls there ,take it down. Since you're at the plot take a look at the other plants for female pre-flowers in the same places. If they've got 'em,you don't have to worry about visiting them again until fall. If you can't tell come back in a week.

Most of your males will have shown sex by mid August.Some folks bury 'em in a shallow ditch to avoid having to haul them out.

You're going to lose a few plants to the usual suspects. If you've got the money,buy a few game cams and mount them discreetly on the main trails leading to your grow sites. Checking them may save your ass by giving you warning of where not to visit,if you know what I mean?

After you cull the males you really don't have to come back until the fall. As most people grow for bud,take a large backpack and harvest the bud at you're discretion at the different plots over a few weeks. This is the time when you need to be most careful as many two legged dangers are out in force,looking for what you have.

Of course,this entire post is informational purposes only,in places where it's legal to grow medical marijuana.


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a part-time farmer, living close to me, drives his smallest tractor w/post hole digger along his fence & digs 8" holes 18" deep & fills them w/12" of topsoil & then mixes 'mater magic' (1/4 strength) & full strength dynamite red to a small amount of topsoil (the other 6") & plants femmed rooted plants. after that it's just water & harvest. w/the proceeds, he pays his farm taxes & has a nice christmas. just a thought.


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I used a handheld post hole digger for a number of years in about the same way your buddy did, Paw-Paw. Mixed the soil from the hole with some compost and added a bit of a dry 10-10-10 fert the local feed store sold cheap that we used on just about everything. Grew some nice weed that way. If you live in a part of the country that gets regular soaking rains in the summer,it's a dead easy way to grow.

No one pays any attention to a guy tending his own fence lines out in the country.

A lot of the guys where I grew up used nothing but those big slow release Jobe's Fruit Tree spikes for ferts.
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