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Whats up Guys just signed up today!

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What up yall im anonjuice just started this today looking for cultivation tips i currently grow DWC using rapid rooters and hydroton. I currently have a Lemon Kush seed thats sticking out of my RR ready to sprout over night or later on in the day tomorrow. Feel free to introduce yourself or add me :peace::peace::peace:
Re: Whats up Guys just signed up today!!

Pleased to meet you! :welcome:

There are so many advanced growers here, I'm sure you'll find all the info you're looking for. See ya around.

Re: Whats up Guys just signed up today!!

:welcome:anonjuice! I've found this to be a great place for the cultivation tips you seek! It's also a great place if you're interested in legalization efforts! Great to have you on board. :) :peace:
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i am def interested in Legalization efforts and ya this site seems pretty great. While i got you guys here i was wondering if you could answer a question for me this is my 2nd attempt at DWC hydro. The first time i rushed through and didnt have what i needed and my plant died. This time i ordered everything i could i got alot of nutes more airstones ph pens ppm pens and rapid rooters. My only question is when should i add my nutes?? should i do it right away from the very start? or should i wait untill it gets a few leaves under its belt?? oh i lied one more question. My seed is sticking out of my RR with a nice green stem but the seed shell is still on it should i be worried about this or will it still sprout fine? im just worried that its too exposed
I'd like to answer those questions for you... but I can't! lol I'm a fairly new grower myself working on my first grow and it's in soil. I have almost no knowledge about hydro. The shell staying on the seed didn't bother mine.... it eventually came off... I'm assuming because all of my plants grew. I would advise you to ask those same questions in the "frequently asked questions" section.... I'll bet you get plenty of answers! :) Good luck bro! :peace:
hey man :welcome: to :420:

i am growing lemon kush also , u can check out the link in my journal ..so is ole beateo above me .. guess we are some lemon heads (cheesy i know)

(helmet head) the outer layer on the seed should pop off on its own . if not u can try to help it with a light touch . don't hurt it . i might can moisten it if it wont come off .

what set of nutrients are u using ?
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Cool thanks man i was worried. I think ill let it go for awhile before i try anything haha. And ya i was noticing that when i was reading the replys that were all growing lemon kush haha thats awesome. Right now i have Floraduo A and B i also have some humboldt honey and voodoo juice for the roots. I just finished setting up my DWC. I use a 5 gallon black bucket DWC. I got an airstone in there and a Bubble bar. my Ph is at 5.8 water temp is at 68 degrees i only grow one plant at a time so i have a 250w cfl. I have a lil space heater with a humidifier in there now but i was just thinking about using that for my Germ only and once i put my Rapid rooter in the DWC ill prob take it out. But ya i tried this all before but i didnt have the stuff i needed and i think i killed it by feeding it to fast or maybe because i just dropped the seed in the hydroton with no rapid rooter or anything. I got root rot and it died pretty fast lol. But this time im prepared lol i got my ph pens and ppm pens and im ready to do this right. I just dont know if i should mix my nutes right away from the get go or wait a little bit what do you think??
thats why i was asking ill find a feeding schedule for u ..1 sec
this is for the flora dou simple recirculating

week 1 seedlings
300-500 ppm
5ml A
2.5 B
5 ml cal mag (seems like allot for seedlings )

week 2 early growth
700-900 ppm
10 ml A
5 ml B