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Whats Up with marijuana Airline Trip?


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I am going to be traveling soon from denver to ca. I want to bring a small amount with me about a 1/4 oz I am going to be checking in and carry on.
any ideas?

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I would not try it, if you get caught you will go to jail. they (Feds) don't play.
it's not to smart...



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I have done it: from Mexico into Phoenix Arizona, USA to London, Cape Town to Zimbabwe. I used a roll on deoderant stick which was almost finnished, unscrewed it all the way and inserted the packet(which was sealed in a packet of aftershave for odor controll) into the deo stick and replaced the plastic holder(which the deo sits on) screwed it in to a normal position and put in in my travel bag with toiletries and put that in my suitcase under the clothes. It is always stressful though and I prefer to get more where I am going.


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If it goes through a scanner they can detect organic substances. I will stand out like a dogs dick if it is sitting inside anything. Thats how it is in AUS anyways.

Good Luck
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