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Dr. Saytawn

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i've been drawn to this site thanks to google on more than one occasion and i figured i should join the forum because i took a look around and found it to be an alright atmosphere. my name is steve and i've been smoking for about two years now, i go to Bowling Green state university in ohio and im a 2nd year neuroscience major. i generally smoke out of my water bong. \m/


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LOLOL. welcome steve. :)

neuroscience hey? nice.

stay on this site. it rocks. and everyone is friendly.

get involved in discussions and stuff. its awesome wen you're stoned. :)

keep toking.


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Welcome Steve to this forum...it is a pleasure to have someone w/ a neuroscience background to illuminate further the fine qualities of our beloved herb. I just vaporized some Platinum Kush in your honor.:smoke2:

Big dog

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Howdy Steve. Taking account of your screen name, and your major, my bet is that you're headed for medical school. Good luck to you. We need more MJ friendly doctors.
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