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What's Up??


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Hey Y'all....

Not sure how many of the old-skoolers are still hangin' around. I've been away as I have had extremely limited internet access lately. Work and more work all the time.


I am having my third daughter with a duedate range of april 7th to april 20th....

You can all guess what day would be the personal choice, lol!

I'll check in a bit more as time allows....


btw: does anyone have information (windows of testing accuracy, cheap cleaners, etc) on saliva testing. My job does saliva testing randomly once a month approx 20ppl out of 300. I want to find a way to cheat in case I get caught off guard....HELP!!! (*Thanx!)

What else is going on??


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Congrats on the baby girl...4/20 would be a memorable birthday!
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