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I got them about four days ago they have grown 1 inch since then. I transplanted them into Tupur soilless mix. I have watered them twice with tap water 300 mL each. The room temperature stays around 75 to 79° during the day and 67 to 70° at night (Fahrenheit) Room humidity hovers around 37% to 43%. I am using 1000 Watt MH Please help first-time grower. If you have any tips on how to get my humidity higher I would really appreciate it. I'm currently running two humidifiers to keep it at that percentage. My room is 5' x 6' x 8'. Now down to the problem, The leaves have brown spots on them ranging from tan to a light yellow. It's only on the bottom fan leaves they also seem to curl inwards.




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I have a humidity problem with my tent also….2'x4'x5'. Im in the desert and humidity is 16 %…Low huh? put water in plastic container under plants but afraid of mildew and mold. Any suggestions?….Sorry, I'm just a 1st time grower also…let me know if you find out anything about humidity...


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Look at what your just said you got these plants four days ago, but have watered them twice? WHY? they are not that big to me slow the watering till they actualy need it my moisture says water but I am waiting another day, overwatering is as bad as over nuting them. Peace , Flush the plants and let us know, OG.
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