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What's wrong with my babies?


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Hi ! I'm really worried , fan failure week ago , result small burns , overfeeding result burned tips . But why they starting loosing colour ? And what is that brown stuff on roots ? I'm using AN MGB , Voodoo juice , b 52 , any help highly appreciated


Northern Hydro

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So much missing information sorry!!

Search for ‘starting a journal, FAQ’ and let us know what you’ve done ?

I will say straight up you need a water change , minimum nutes ( clearly burnt)
Water temp?
Water source?
Air circulation?
Light ?


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Does are fastberry auto , bigger one 12 days , smaller 10 , I have them in homemade growbox , feet by feet, 2 feet tall , I'll eventually gonna get bigger one. Containers are only 2 l , but effectively using 1,5 l , standard air pump , my tap water is 8.5 pH , 088 ppm , solution is : bigger - ppm 573 , ph5.8 , EC 1140 . I'm experiencing very high pH fluctuations . Water temp around 21c , lights are homemade led panels


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check for light leaks like suggested. I just went through one and had brown roots and dead leaves. Once I fixed the light leak it took a about 10 days to turn around and now roots are all white and plant is growing again.

get some Hydroguard or great white

I run EC about .6-.8 until flower then maybe up to 1.0


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Definitely take advantage of that chart northern hydro just provided you with. No joke that chart is the hydro growers hand bible.


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Hi i use AN religiously try using the ph perfect MGB to dumb down the ph &ec fluctuations, check for light leaks, check out piranha& tarantula(possibly microbial munch) to balance your root system follow the chart/ directions on the bottles..... also check out Discount. Advance.Nutrients. com there you should find the info that could possibly help
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