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What's wrong with my little buddy?


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Hey folks,

I came here and asked for advice not too long ago because I was experiencing problems with recently transplanted clones (that I purchased from the dispensary). I must've gone through about 6 clones at this point..so far 3 are alive.. 2 are thriving and 1 is growing rather slowly but seems to be relatively healthy.

I had a relatively small tent (about 2x2x4) before and I figured that my problem was being caused by heat particles being confined in such a small place. So I bought a new grow tent that stands about 6 feet high and 4 feet wide. To cool it, I use 2 vornados (A small and a large one) and a 6" fan as exhaust (set to 50% speed). I have a 600W HPS thats dimmed slightly (to go easy on the clones).

So after getting this tent, I decided to celebrate by getting a new more mature clone from the dispensary. It was a handsome blue dream with lively vibrant leaves and great upright posture. I transplanted into a mix of peat moss and perlite and then put it in my tent...A day later, it was drooping like its had way too much to fucking drink..

Yep..call me alex, slayer of clones..

I'm really at a loss here..the air around the plants is relatively cool (no more than 75) and the clones are fully rooted as well (I also make sure to get the ones with developed roots sticking out of the grow cube). What in jesus h christs name could be the cause of this? Do I really need vitamin B1?

This is my second grow ever so I apologize for sounding like a fat fruckin rookie

EDIT: JUST TO NOTE, i have not even watered the new clones. The soil its in is only slightly moist!!!!!! don't think its overwatering..



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Re: What's wrong with my little buddy?...

your clone will droop like mad after transplant , it should bounce back , give it a little misting

this came from else where but good to read


Clones are much faster to veg up and flower than starting from seed, resulting in a quick harvest and a much shorter turnaround time.

Clones can be quickly grown into moms and re-cloned, for an instant vegetative and flowering crop

Clones are genetically identical, but some differences will still be evident in the phenotype. In general, clones will exhibit even growth and growing characteristics.

Rooted clones can be flowered immediately if space or time is a problem.

Clones can quickly provide the grower with a strain's characteristics (smell, vigor, branching pattern, sativa/indica dominance, rooting quality, etc).


Clones can be difficult to find, as opposed to available seed banks. Clones from unknown sources are of suspect quality and genetics.

Growers run a high risk of inheriting problems from the last grower: Root rot, spider mites, powdery mildew, etc. If these problems are not identified and treated, they can quickly spread to an entire crop.

Unhealthy clones may die or remain in shock for an extended period. Shipped clones may be in shock and take weeks of TLC to recover. There are many stories of medical clones shipped without any protection and arrived flat!

Clones are more light-sensitive than seeds. Clones take time to become established, and are easily burned by excessive light (and nutrients)

As clones are almost always female, breeding options are limited. Hermies are possible with unstable clone crosses.


Seeds obtained from reputable seed banks are of known lineage and genetics. You should have a reasonable idea of what the strain will do in terms of yield, quality and flowering time.

Breeding and crossing options are possible with male seeds. (Feminized seeds produce a higher % of female seeds, but 100% female is never guaranteed).

Hybrid vigor. Females grown from seed are often higher yielding than clones. Strains can lose their vigor over time; growers may want to 'rejuvinate' their grow with the same successful strain.

Your seeds should produce healthy plants, free of disease and pests.


Cost. Seeds can be expensive, not only per seed pack, but in the time they take to produce a flowered crop.

Problems with ripoffs, shipping/customs seizing seed bank deliveries, switched seeds.Unstable hybrid strains

Not all seeds will be viable (germinate) and only 50% of the unfeminized seeds will be female (feminized seeds may produce up to 90% females). Only female seeds will produce female mothers, from which productive clones can be taken and flowered.

It may take many seed packs to discover an excellent mother.

Seeds take a long time (and there is more labor, money and time involved) before a harvest can occur.

devils letuce

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since its been a week since u posted this they should have started to recover by now .. any pics ..

i use the b-1 for rapid healthy clones .
mist the plants with a very light nutrient solution

u can build a cheap clone bucket for like 40 bucks and it works great . i had never cloned before . im 15 for 15 on my clones using this method .

this is after 13 days

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