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Whats wrong with my plant?


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This is one about 5 weeks old and I place it outside today to get some real sun cause the leaves were really sagging and about 45 minutes later this is what happened. The leaves curled up and turned the leaves a lighter color giving them some spots. Anybody know what's wrong? This is my first grow! Please help!

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Your plants got burned, next time use a window sun screen.
They should be fine.


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Okay guys thanks for the help. It was my container being to small and my ph was a little off! But my plants now are about 8-9 weeks old and i just started the 12/12 schedule. I think started this to late? And I have three pics of the plants now, do you think they look healthy? The plant that had the burn is the third picture with the plant that has a lot of leaves on it. Any Advice going into flowering?




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If you are gonna bounce them back and forth, inside and out... they need to be hardened off if they will eventually end up outside, if not... why bother... keep them inside where they are safe!

I know the prob seems to be under control now but... for anyone that might need to know... the spots, discoloration can also come from sun burn!

I'm glad you got it figured out... welcome to 420 mag!:Namaste:


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Yeah they just stay inside now. The plants are just from mid's seeds so i have no idea what kind they could be. They look to be somewhat decent tho so far.
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