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What's wrong with these leaves?


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Hi It's my first time grow and I have made quite a few mistakes,
6 plants in 1 pot being the first. Then they accidentally overwatered because the holes in the pot weren't big enough, They're 6 auto's, 3 White Widow 3 Sensi Skunk about 5 weeks old.
Any advice for salvaging this mess is welcome, please.



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No I haven't fed them anything, They're in some all purpose potting compost that said it had enough nutrition for the first six weeks.

They looked alright till the overwatering where I think they sat in water for day before I realised and put more holes in the pot,
after that some of them never recovered from the drooping and the leaves started going funny.

They've been under a 300w LED pretty much 24/7

I haven't tested the pH of the soil or water though, waiting for one to arrive


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I ask because although like you say most potting soils have enough additives for a certain time. usually only 1 plant would be in that size container. So where you have 6 all using the same amount if you see what i mean. Obviously you need to make sure your pH is under control anyway otherwise certain nutrients may be locked out even if you do feed them.

Im by no means an experienced grower but my advice would be to make sure your giving adequate dry spells. so letting the soil dry out properly (so if you put your finger in 1 inch and also feel the soil through the holes in the bottom).
Check pH of whatever you put in and also run-off. If your pH is ok then i would probably start feeding. 1/2 or even 1/4 strength to begin and see if you see a change.

Also its hard to tell from the picture, are you growing in just perlite?


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Yeah OK that sounds sensible, Ha no It's just a top layer, they were spindly from bad light in the beggining and watering moved the soil too much
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